Types of Bread

There are many types of bread. In Egypt well before modern times there were at least 20 different types of bread being made with just a simple process and change of ingredients. Before, the color of bread was used as a status symbol and the white bread was deemed of higher rank, and those who had brown bread were usually poor and looked down upon. Now we know that brown breads are more nutritious and filling than white bread!

Grains have three parts. The bran is the outer protective layer, the endosperm is the energy-providing part, and the germ is the nourishment for the seed and contains vitamins and antioxidants. Whole wheat bread is called whole because the nutritious germ is intact. When white bread is made, this germ is taken out and the grains are refined, taking out this natural nutrient and leaving the endosperm.

Here’s just a small sample of the many different types of bread offered today:
• Bagel – a round circle of yeast dough with a hole in the center, traditionally dense and chewy.
• Baguette – long narrow crusty loaf
• Beer bread – a bread with beer in the batter
• Biscuit – small roll made with baking soda instead of yeast
• Bread bowl – a hollowed out bread in a sphere shape that often pairs well with soup or chili
• Breadstick – a long, thin piece of bread often buttered and seasoned with garlic
• Brioche – a small portion of bread sweetened and topped with an egg wash
• Bun – a small piece of bread usually used for small sandwiches or hamburgers
• Calzone – a large piece of bread cooked with meat and cheese inside
• Challah – A Jewish bread braided and sweetened
• Ciabatta – Italian bread with porous texture
• Cornbread – bread made with cornmeal
• Cracker – small crispy product
• Croissant – French crescent-shaped roll with butter
• English Muffin – popular breakfast food, originally made with a griddle
• Flatbread – made with no yeast
• Focaccia – thick Italian snack brushed with butter and often topped with herbs
• French bread – general term for bread with a crunchy outside and soft inside
• Marble bread – bread with many different rye varieties swirled to make a design in the loaf
• Monkey bread – dough is arranged in a Bunt pan in circles and coated with a sweet buttery mixture
• Muffins – small cakes and often mixed with berries, chocolate chips, or nuts
• Pizza – America’s favorite food is a type of flat bread with cheese, tomato sauce, and vegetable or meat toppings
• Pretzel – yeast bread formed into a long rope and knotted into a shape and topped with butter and salt

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