I have been using a Panera Bread Card for my meals for over a year now. I just recently started using it as a business expense. Many lunches and meeting at Panera.

You many ask yourself, why should I create a Panera Card account?
When you create a Panera Card account, you can enjoy the convenience of setting your Panera Card to reload automatically when you want it to, recall your stored billing information for one-time reloads and manage the balances and reload preferences of each of the Panera Cards you have linked to your account. I do know that one time I either added money to the card or started a new card and I received that meal free. It was a nice return for being a loyal customer.

Now, I hear that Panera Bread is taking it a step further and offering a new rewards program called My Panera. Go to a Panera and register a new card.

After you register your card you will get some FREE stuff!

The FREE stuff includes:

* Special Birthday Bonus
* Surprise Gifts and Special Offers
* FREE Samples
* Invites to Special Events and more

Please check with participating Panera Bread Locations. Do understand that some are corporate owned and some are franchises. So you need to see if they offer the same deals all the time.

My Panera Bread Reward Card – Free stuff

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